Whether you are a keen and enthusiastic gardener, or just appreciate the splendour of gardens and beauty of nature, you will enjoy our special garden tours. Join us at the most beautiful gardens in Russia.

First stop is St.Petersburg. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy.

It's not a secret that Russia is full of famous palaces and gardens. We will take you to experience our the tailor-made programme that includes exciting visits and adventurous time in amazing botanical gardens and breath taking landscapes. Designers and nature enthusiasts will show you around and answer any question about botanic traditions and culture of Russia.

Globally recognised gardens attract specialists from all over the world every year to share the beauty waiting to be explored. Represented by worldwide Botanic Tours organiser Green Arrow the program will uncover secrets of Russian park construction, gardening art and history of landscape in St Petersburg.
Services Hand
Services Hand
As part of the international focus group, including the leading landscape designers of the world, you will enjoy five days experience starting on the 20th of August at St Petersburg, detailed schedule of which is below.

Mangomice is a UK based Zelenaya Strela Representative offering you full assistance in all areas from obtaining the visa and booking the flight to personally handling your journey when in Russia.
Should this opportunity be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by calling 020 3488 1155.

Looking forward to seeing you in St Petersburg!

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