Corporate BoardroomMICE Stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibition Events.

"MICE" is one of the fastest growing segments within the tourism industry generating large revenues for cities and countries.  Europe and the United States still remain the major markets worldwide in respect of the number of meetings, conferences and exhibitions.  While MICE is normally considered as a sub-segment of business travel, it can also involve a leisure component.

More and more companies now understand that such meetings, conferences and events are an indispensable means of communicating their business messages, increasing sales and business development.
Meeting Planning and Logistical Support

Our meeting planning services are provided by experienced meeting and event professionals.

Our network is an excellent resource when planning meetings of all sizes and complexities. Whether you are responsible for planning a nationwide series of medical dinner meetings, a single corporate board meeting, a gala event, or anything in between.  We can help plan and arrange all of the logistical requirements.

Incentive Travel Planning & Delivery

Unique and exclusive travel continues to be one of the most desired and sought after experiences.

Top companies are capitalising on exclusive travel to reward and build key relationships, to create compelling promotions and to inspire higher performance.  Travel not only motivates and rejuvenates but it also creates long term positive association to the company.  The most effective proven uses of Incentive Travel include building relationships with key clients, rewarding top performers and all elements of corporate hospitality.

Conference Planning and Support

MangoMICE recognises that a successful conference program hinges on an effective design.

We work with you to develop innovative ideas that go beyond traditional conference programs and seminars.  Your key manager will help you develop an integrated and unique program appropriate to your products, issues, messages, target audience, preffered location and setting to meet all your needs.

Exhibitions and Events

Exhibitions work because they are face-to-face.  They provide you an opportunity to deal with customers by matching needs with a company's ability to fill those needs.  Trade shows are an extremely effective way to bring new products to new markets.

MangoMICE can assist you with your Exhibition by finding the right location or trade show, advising on the best marketting strategy as well as sharing our knowledge in local business cultures and traditions.  We will provide a representative at the show who can speak your language, to support you throughout the exhibition and help you with any issues affecting your participation, including during show build-up and break-down.  We can also provide Travel Support and Transportation such as airline tickets, transfers, accomodation and tour booking.

Whatever your business needs, we understand that staying within your company finance budgets is important. Planning events, organising meetings and providing customer incentives can take up a large part of your finances. When providing solutions to such business needs we will adapt our packages to ensure the best possible end results at an affordable and competitive price. We always listen to your needs and will provide appropriate services while considering every element of your requests.


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